50 important English Grammar Tense MCQ Mock Test

English Grammar Tense MCQ

1.She____to market everyday.

(a) go

(b) goes

(c) went

(d) gone

Ans: (b) goes

2. He always_____the temple.

(a) visit

(b) visits

(c) will visit

(d) visited

Ans: (b) visits


3.Ram______hard daily.

(a) work

(b) worked

(c) works

(d) will work

Ans: (c) works

4. She_____me tomorrow.

(a) meets

(b) meet

(c) met

(d) will meet

Ans:(d) will meet

5. The lady______the letter yesterday.

(a) post

(b) posts

(c) posted

(d) will post

Ans: (c) posted

6. The man_______here two years ago.

(a) lives

(b) lived

(c) live

(d) had lived

Ans: (b) lived

7. There______much milk in the jug.

(a) is

(b) are

(c) has

(d) have been

Ans:(a) is

8. Everybody_____his motherland.

(a) love

(b) loves

(c) has loved

(d) had loved.

Ans:(b) loves

9. Nobody______there in the meeting now.

(a) am

(b) was

(c) were

(d) is

Ans:(d) is

10. It_______last night.

(a) rains

(b) has rained

(c) rained

(d) raining

Ans: (c) rained

11. I______like boys who tell lies.

(a) do not 

(b) does not

(c) have not  

(d) am not 

Ans:(a) do not 

12. I______this work at 7 a.m. tomorrow. 

(a) do 

(b) does 

(c) shall do 

(d) did.   

Ans: (c) shall do 

13. We_____English now.

(a) are learning

(b) were learning 

(c) learn

(d) learning

Ans:(a) are learning

14. I_______learning Hindi for two months.

(a) has been

(b) am learning 

(c) was learning

(d) have

Ans:(d) have

15. They_____back recently.

(a) comes

(b) come

(c) came

(d) will come

Ans: (c) came

16. He________from Kolkata shortly.

(a) return

(b) will return

(c) returned

(d) had returned

Ans: (b) will return

17. The bady_______as it is hungry.

(a) is crying

(b) crying

(c) cries

(d) cried

Ans:(a) is crying

18.There (be) nobody in the honse when we called. 

(a) am

(b) is

(c) are

(d) was

Ans: (d) was

19.He is not at home, he_______to market.

(a) has gone

(b) went

(c) going

(d) had gone

Ans:(a) has gone

20. Fortune_______the braves

(a) favour

(b) favours

(c) favoured

(d) favouring

Ans:(b) favours

21. The sun________in the East.

(a) rose 

(b) rising

(c) rises

(d) risen

Ans: (c) rises

22.When he entered my room, I_________a letter.

(a) write

(b) am writing

(c) wrote

(d) was writing

Ans:(d) was writing

23. It is time you_____home.

(a) went

(b) go

(c) goes

(d) gone

Ans: (a) went

24. The match_____before we reached the field.

(a) start

(b) started 

(c) will start

(d) had started.

Ans:(d) had started.

25. We shall wait here until he_____back.

(a) came

(b) come

(c) comes

(d) has come.

Ans:(c) comes

26. When he came in, I_______.

(a) sleeping

(b) was Sleeping 

(c) am sleeping

(d) slept.

Ans:(b) was Sleeping 

27. He_____ across the road when a scooter hit him.

(a) walked

(b) is walking

(c) was walking

(d) will walk.

Ans:(c) was walking

28. I wish I_______the job.

(a) accept 

(b) shall accept 

(c) accepting 

(d) accepted.

Ans:(d) accepted.

29. Hurry up, the laxi________.

(a) is waiting

(b) waiting

(c) waited

(d) will wait.

Ans: (a) is waiting

30. I have_______ my friend in the market. 

(a) meets 

(b) meet 

(c) met 

(d) meeting. 

Ans:(c) met 

31. She_____ in this school since 1990.

(a) works

(b) has been working

(c) havd been working 

(d) worked

Ans:(b) has been working

32. If I____his address, I would have can tacted

(a) know

(b) knows

(c) knew

(d) will know

Ans:(c) knew

33. I wish I______help you. 

(a) can 

(b) could

(c) can be

(d) cold be

Ans: (b) could

34. If I_____you, I should not accept that post.

(a) be

(b) been

(c) were

(d) was

Ans: (c) were

35. I______my dinner an hour ago.

(a) have 

(b) had 

(c) have been 

(d) had been 

Ans:(b) had 

36. They_____ their dinner just now. 

(a) have 

(b) had 

(c) has 

(d) have had 

Ans:(d) have had 

 37. Socrates was______to the prison.

(a) taken 

(b) takes 

(c) took 

(d) taking. 

Ans:(a) taken 

38. We shall have returned home before the sun_____.

(a) sets

(b) set

(c) setting

(d) is setting.

Ans: (a) sets

39. I_____him since has boyhood.

(a) know

(b) knew

(c) have known

(d) had known

Ans:(c) have known

40. Most of the soldiers______in the battle.

(a) was killed

(b) were killed

(c) has killed

(d) had killed 

Ans:(b) were killed

41. The boy is playing now, but he______an hour ago.

(a) is sleeping

(b) sleep

(c) slept

(d) has slept.

Ans:(c) slept

42. I_____the work since Monday last.

(a) have been deing

(b) had been deing

(c) did

(d) done

Ans:(a) have been deing

43. The work was______a manth ago.

(a) being

(b) began

(c) begun

(d) beginning

Ans:(c) begun

44. There_______many stories about the

invention of printing.

(a) is

(b) are

(c) was

(d) were

Ans:(b) are

 45. They went to school after I______

(a) had returned 

(b) has returned 

(c) return 

(d) returned

Ans:(a) had returned 

46. The teacher generally______us English.

(a) teach

(b) teaching 

(c) tanght 

(d) teaches

Ans:(b) teaching

47. The show always____at 6 P.M.

(a) begin

(b) begins

(c) began

(d) begun

Ans: (b) begins

48. He treated me as though I______a God.

(a) was

(b) am

(c) were

(d) been

Ans:(c) were

49. I hard that you____ill.

(a) were

(b) was

(c) have been

(d) had been

Ans: (d) had been

50.) The road_____repaired last year.

(a) was 

(b) were

(c) is

(d) are

Ans:(a) was 

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